Be sure to read all of the instructions below before attempting to use!
When I go door knocking I like to be sure to leave lots of information with the person I talk to. In the past this has been several different pieces of paper, tracts, Church information, etc. I believe this generally ends up in the trash. But with the above tract I believe the chances are better that it will stick around with the person for awhile for more than one reason. In this case, it is only one piece of paper, it is the same piece of paper I use to to talk about Jesus with, using it as a guide, and it contains our churches name, phone number and service times, all on it. 

The tract consist of two sides. When you approach the person be it on the street or knocking on their door and they are willing to listen for a moment, you use side one. Side one contains salvation information. You go down it choosing one or two verses from each category and present the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. As you approach the end you ask them if they would receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. If they don't you still leave the tract with them and wish them well. Hopefully they will look at it again. 

If, however, the person you are talking to repents his or her sins and receives Christ, turn the tract over to side two and spend some time talking about assurance of salvation, how to deal with temptations, what to do when you do sin, and then the next section of how to grow as a Christian. Stress the importance of being in the Word daily, why pray and fellowship, including attending church services and Bible study. Try to impress on them the importance of attending church as part of Christian growth. Again, be sure to leave the tract with them as it contains your churches name, address, phone number and service times on it. 

The tracts above are strictly for viewing and are not intended to be printed or used. I have included them in the required download from this section so you can print them out and use them as a visual guide to the finished product. There are 5 steps you will need to accomplish to have your own copies of these tracts to use.. 

1. Download by clicking here. This download contains; a. Front.gif, Back.gif, Bible.gif, Hands.gif, Address.txt, Front.txt, Back.txt and this file, "instruct.htm". These are in zip format and you will need to unzip them before you can use them. If you have any trouble with this step please e-mail me for help. 

2. Start your word processor and create an empty 8.5 X 11 inch page, horizontal in layout. Now import "Back.gif" and "Front.gif" into it. Resize them if necessary until they are 8.5 inches tall and 3.66 inches wide. Now print them. You will notice they look exactly like the two GIF files above. I did this as each of you has a different printer/word processor combination and this allows each of you to design the tract around your system. 

3. Next create an 8.5 X 11 inch blank page. It should be laid out horizontal on your word processing page. Format it with 3 columns as in the picture below. Now place a text box over the first column and import "Front.txt" into it. You will notice it is not formatted, i.e, there are no tabs set and no dots as in my copy. Again, the reason for this is you must do that to work on your own system. It takes only a few minutes. Highlight the entire tract and set the tabs to 3.15 inches as a good starting place. Set your "leader" to (.........) dots. You may have to adjust the inches until it works correctly on your system. Now set the tabs and finish setting up your page. After you have this tract exactly as you want it you should save your work, then copy this tract and paste it two more times on this page. After this, you add a second page to this work and repeat the above using "Back.txt". the work will be exactly the same except it will require you to add the "Hands" and Bible" GIFS and the small Address.txt section to the bottom, exactly as in the two gifs you have printed. (Don't forget to change the address, etc. to reflect your church). 

4. Print the front, then turn the paper over and place it back in the printer and print the back. If both pages are setup the same you will have a perfect two-sided tract. I suggest you use plain paper until you have it exactly right, then use your 60 to 100 Lb. paper for the finished product. 

5. Now cut them out and you are ready to go. 


Tract design. I print it out on 8.5" X 11" 60 to 100 Lb. paper. They will fit 3 on a sheet, side by side. Print front on one side, back on the other, cut them out and your ready to go. 
I suggest you keep two or three in your Bible at all times so you can witness anytime anywhere and leave the tract when you go. 

If you have any questions or suggestions please e-mail me using the button below if you have questions.

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