LARGE CROSSES 4 1/4 inches X 3 inches

These large crosses are designed for hanging on your wall or hanging on your mirror in your vehicle. What an easy way to help others to remember Christ than to just hang a cross on your mirror. People will always think of The Lord, Jesus Christ when they see it.

You should order yours as to the type you want by placing the information in your order under the remarks section. As for color, you can order it by name, initials or number, whichever you like. Be sure to get enough for your family and friends. I do not offer bulk sales on this item due to it being expensive for me to obtain the parts and to ship. Ben Drake

To order, click the "Add To Cart" button to the left, then place the number you want in the shopping cart  under "Quantity", then press "Update Cart".  Large crosses are $12.00 each. Shipping is free.

Color Chart