SMALL CROSSES 1 3/4 x 1 inch

These small crosses are basically designed for wearing as a necklace, carrying as a key chain or to simply carry in your pocket. A "Pocket Cross" is simply something to feel each time you place your hand in your pocket to remind yourself that Christ is real and He is your brother.

Note the bottom two pictures below show the small crosses as a necklace or key chain. You should order yours as the type you want by placing the information in your order under the remarks section. As for color, you can order it by name, initials or number, whichever you like. Be sure to get enough for your family and friends. Please e-mail me for my prices based on bulk sales. Ben Drake

EXTRA NOTE: I will lower my prices at 10 to allow you to purchase enough for your youngsters in your Sunday School class.

To order, click the "Add To Cart" button to the left, then place the number you want in the shopping cart  under "Quantity", then press "Update Cart".  Small crosses are $7.00 each. Shipping is free.

Color Chart

"Right click", then "View Image"