Radio Station

June 5, 1996 

The below letter was sent to a radio station in Ohio for the below stated reasons. It is believed these problems are indicative of the overall problem in Christianity Today. Today's world teaches it is better to experience religious phenomena as proof it is of God as opposed to searching Holy Scripture to prove it is from God. As long as this is true, these occurrences will continue and thrive. To date, they have not responded. 

To Whom it May Concern; 

     While listening to your station W**C, 1**.7 FM on the morning of June 5, 1996 your announcer, a young lady, was talking and one of the subjects was why us older people like the more contemporary hymns versus the more modern, quote praise unquote, music of the day. That is not the exact words but close enough. That was a very interesting speech, because in the same conversation she was quoting James and other Bible passages. And at the same time quoting, psychology. According to her and the psychologist I at almost 49 years of age like the old contemporary Christian music best because that is the music that (and here I forget the exact language used, but you will get the flavor) is in my psyche, a product of my developing years of between 17 and 20 years of age. 

     Well I was not born again until later in life and I came out of the rock culture. Rock is my background, not sacred music. The thing that all christian (and I use a small "c" here on purpose) psychologists forget is the Scriptures are not to be taken in certain instances and left out of others. A Christian's life at the point of conversion is a changed one, ". . . if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: . . ." I Cor. 5:17. And one of the things that becomes new, is music. 

     Something I have never heard a preacher or any one else speak on is how Paul, writing by inspiration, says ". . . all these things happened for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come." I cor.. 10:11 Written for us to live by. Yet they NEVER equate that to music. That is apparently one of those taboos, a sacred cow that dare not be displaced. I have yet to see one of these modern "artists" that didn't look like the world; long hair, earrings, jewelry dripping off them, in some cases screaming to the top of their lungs, living with divorce, adultery, or a split world of mixing the (at least trying to) sacred and secular. Even though God says ". . . come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord,. . ." 
                                                                         II Cor. 6:17 also Eph. 5:11 

     But back to I Cor. 10:11, God did give us an example of what is acceptable to Him in music. It is the Book of Psalms. The largest Book of the Bible is a worship, praise, love and adoration book, a hymnal if you will. He wrote it, just as He wrote the rest of the Bible, and it is an example to us of what is pleasing to His ears and heart. Now, am I saying there is no contemporary music that is good? No, that is not true. Am I saying all old hymns are good? That is not true either, some are not doctrinally sound, but there was a quality about the old hymns that is absent today. My point, what so many would have us believe is that music is one of those areas our Heavenly Father did not leave us, His children, an example to live by. Nadab and Abihu offered up strange worship (fire) to the LORD and were swallowed up. Yet today we believe He winks at strange worship. 

     It is not just music that is being given over either. Look at so many other areas of life that are being given over to the world and its brand of what is, or is not, good and acceptable. Just look around you, what has happened to America, let alone the Church, in the past couple of generations because of this same type of sentimental psychological teaching/preaching. Divorce, murder, theft, adultery, sodomy (we in the church do not even dare call it by the awful name found in the Bible we use the same pleasant names the world uses for this awful sin), abortion, and the killing of the old and infirm. This is just a short list. We have retreated and allowed the world to dictate to us right and wrong in our generation and we will pay dearly. Beloved do not ere we WILL PAY! I believe this is one reason why Jesus is returning in our generation, and on the opposite side of that coin why the weather will get worse and worse, wars and rumors of wars will increase, etc. etc. He prophesied in the latter days; will there be faith in the earth? Luke 18:8 And the love of many will wax faint. Matt. 24:11,12; Rom. 1:31 I believe we are beginning to see the beginnings of the earth in birth pangs. The church is not crying out to the God of heaven, as it sees the eminent return of its Redeemer (if indeed it can see). The Israelites of old did when her Messiah marched into the city, so the rocks and hills did not need to cry out. Instead the church is today crying out to its god of psychology and ecumenicalism and cultic practices. Unfortunately you in the radio world are the vanguard of this slipping into the pit of error. 

     I realize this is harsh language for our day and age. We want people to tickle our ears and give us warm fuzzies. But that does not lead to true salvation, only to starvation and ultimately damnation. People please think in the light of Scriptures before you broadcast something on the air.