I have been asked over and over to return Panpals. After much thought I have decided to do so. It was very successful and I'm sure will be again.

But I must put some new, basic warnings. 

1. Do not put addresses or phone numbers on your PenPal ad. I recommend you never give these out.
2. Do not put your church name on your ad or your school name.  After you are talking with people you can do that if you want to, but I advise you to never do so.
3. To place an ad, you can use your e-mail address if you want, but I suggest you create a Yahoo e-mail account and use that instead. Currently, if you send out an e-mail, anyone can locate you by using your IP address which is located in the header of your e-mail. Using a Yahoo account hides your IP and as long as you don't give away where you live, you are untraceable. To obtain this free secure e-mail service, click here:  After
you obtain this free secure e-mail service, then come back here and sign up for your guestbook entry using that Yahoo e-mail address.

The most important thing is, did you give to much information? You should not give your City or street address. Only give your state. Also, your last name is not required and should not be used. That prevents you from being searched for on the Internet. And never give out your phone number.

If I believe you gave to much information, I will edit the extra information off before I allow it to be posted publicly. This is my way of keeping you safe. After I view your entry to be sure it is safe to post, I will make it public.

Then, I hope you will soon start meeting other Christians and enjoy talking with them. Again, when talking to others, NEVER give out your address, phone number or your last name. Stay safe.

Lastly, my Name and e-mail address is on the bottom of every page. If you are having any type of problems, please contact me and I will attempt to help.

Ben Drake