Dove of Peace
May the Dove of Peace,
rest upon your shoulder.
May the light of God's love,
shine brightly in you.
May you experience,
joy and happiness,
all these blessings,
I pray for you.
D. Stevens. '95 copyright
As you wake up and begin a new day,
Ponder on who you can help today.
Can you help lighten another's load,
with a word of encouragement as they go?
Can you bring joy to another's heart,
and comfort them, to help
their sorrow depart?
Can you strengthen some one today,
that needs your help as they travel
Life's Way?
Can you ease the burden they bear,
simply by being there, and willing to share?
For God needs people like you, who care,
people who love, people who share.
So whoever you decide to help today,
May God Bless you as you go your way.
For helping each other as we go on,
Gives us joy in living and keeps
our Spirit strong.
D. Stevens. '95 Copyright
Entry Fee
When I stand at the Gates of Heaven,
an entry permit I will clasp!
God will take it from my fingers,
smile, and say "You can pass"!
For on the form it's written,
plain for God to see,
"This person has permission,
My Blood paid the Entry Fee"!
So before you reach the Gates of Heaven,
make sure, you will be allowed in,
for Jesus writes the permits,
when He free's you from your sin!
D. Stevens. '96 Copyright
Precious Name
In this world of trouble and pain,
I thank you Lord, I can call on your name.
The precious name of Jesus. How sweet the sound to me.
My help in the day of troubles. My Hope and Security.
D. Stevens. '95 Copyright
Put On The Garment Of Praise!
Depression rears it's ugly head,
it tries to drag me down,
into it's lair of hopelessness,
where my spirit would be bound!
But out of the pit of deception,
my spirit can deftly flee,
for I put on the garment of praise,
as my Lord has instructed me.
And, while I praise Him,
throughout my day,
the spirit of heaviness,
flee's away.
For depression can not remain,
it has no right,
the spirit of heaviness,
must take flight!
For the garment of praise,
sets me free,
The Spirit of God,
gives liberty!
D.Stevens. '96 Copyright
My Vision
My home is in the Heavens.
I'm traveling there to be,
with my LORD and Saviour to spend Eternity.
He went ahead before me,
to show me the way.
And, I want to follow,
to meet Him there, one day.
The race is set before me,
the course that leads me home;
But the road is very narrow,
too hard to travel alone.
So, Holy Spirit lead me,
keep me in your light.
Keep me on the pathway,
That brings Eternal Life!
Keep my feet from slipping,
but if I stumble LORD I pray.
Give me strength to follow.
Along Life's narrow way.
Always looking onwards,
as I journey towards home.
My Vision is of You LORD,
Seated on Your Throne!
D. Stevens '95 Copyright
Scriptures, John 14. 2 Cor, 5.1.
Hebrews 12.1 Matthew 7.14.
Jesus helps me,
when I stumble.
He picks me up,
when I fall down.
He carries me,
when my burden's heavy.
He never ever,
lets me down!
He delivers me,
from temptation.
He strengthens me,
when my body is weak.
He gives me comfort,
when I sorrow.
He surrounds me with love,
and gives me His peace!
He leads me through,
the darkest valley,
the light He gives,
guides my way.
My Spirit rejoices,
in my Saviour,
I trust in Him, and,
love Him today!
D.Stevens. '96 Copyright