Shirley Ann

 With crimson blood that flowed from Calvary,
 My Lord bore nail scarred hands to set me free.
 He was born for this purpose;
 God chose His Son well,
 And the Good News has long since remained for us to tell,

 His nature was that of gentle and kind,
 And He had complete wisdom and holiness of mind,
 He went about doing good for all of man,
 He taught with authority and said, "Now all who have
 ears let them understand."

 The simple truth woven into one Heavenly King,
 That Jesus is Lord and to Him must we sing
 Of how we should please and worship Him today,
 And carry on His love. . .For, all our sins He did pay.

Obedience, that is the key in our service to God and a heart
which is committed to Him in love,
It is you He wants to fill with His spirit above.
To each person He gives freedom of choice
To see if they will learn His way and hear His voice,

For there is no eternal life without Him.
To trust and have faith is life everlasting for them
Who believe in the Son of God -- Who is the Way,
And they will see His Glory, in heaven, one day.

Shirley Barker
When heaven came to live on earth,
We marveled at the Savior's birth,
And angels sang to shepherds near,
Telling them, "No need to fear."

For unto us redemption came,
Blotting out sin and shame,
And if anyone believes this message true,
Then you may have Christ live in you.

He died and rose again,
That He might live in us and we in Him.
And when we look into His Face,
We see a royal priesthood and a blood bought race.

He is the eternal reflection and our looking glass,
Until our life on earth has passed,
When we shall fully know His love,
And so, He beckons us to set our minds upon heaven above.

A Love Lost, The Greater Found
Shirley Barker

The glow of someone you loved,

A thread of memory that stays in the portals of

your mind

To awaken the heart,

Once again, only to find

That person is gone and sadly you know,

He did not belong to all you gave,

Now you must be brave and let him go,

Was there a treasure you could have had?

The winds of time help us to grow,

So that next time we do not give the depths

of our soul,

To someone who is careless with it.

We begin to use our wit,

And guard ourselves from a bottomless pit,

Where sorrow is waiting to weigh us down,

Now we see the One Who wore the crown

Of thorns buried deep in His flesh,

In order to overcome a terrible test,

So His Spirit,on earth,would last.

He bore the sins of the world

That we might acquire

The freedom to pass through the fire,

Without the smell of smoke,

And from the nightmare we awoke,

To find a golden crown filled with magnificent jewels.

Then we begin to know His love and see His face.

In His righteousness we take our place,

Telling His wonderful story

And bowing our knee to the King of Glory.

"Every knee shall bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth
and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord, to the glory of God the
Father." Philippians 2 :10&11