His Old Bible
As I stared at his old Bible, its binding loose and worn;
The pages they had yellowed and the edges all but torn.
I wondered if it mattered, or if he'd even care,
if I peeked inside his Bible, or should I even dare?
"No.  Go right ahead.  Be my guest."  I could almost hear him say.
"There's no need to ask permission just because I am away." 
So I picked up that old Bible and found myself a chair, 
taking time to read his many notes and the list of those for prayer. 
That Bible meant a lot to him for he'd kept it all these years.
An inscription and a verse inside brought forth a little tear.
Given by his parents to their beloved son.
A wedding day remembrance for a couple now as one.
More than 30 years had passed since that special day took place.
Many years of toil and struggle now shown upon his face.
Just like that old worn Bible, with its pages aged and thin;
its surface only covers the eternal life within.
As I closed that old worn Bible and returned it to its place,
I thanked the Lord for Richard Smith and for God's saving grace.
A life that speaks for Jesus in his walk and talk each day.
A dash of salt and seeds of faith are spread along the way.
For through his walk with Jesus a light is brightly shown, 
that leads the way for others to our Savior on the throne.
Just reading his old Bible stirred feelings in my heart.
One's life can make a difference; we all should do our part.
Now another voice was speaking very softly in my mind;
the one I hear so often, always gentle, ever kind.
"Go ahead.  Be my guest."  I could almost hear Him say.
"Take the message of the gospel as you go along your way."
"Pick up my old worn Bible.  Read the verses through and through.
Its age will make no difference, its what it means to you."
Dedicated to Richard Smith
Written by Thelma Hankins