A term started being used during the Renaissance that has to be called an oxymoron is "Christian Humanism". The term itself, Christian Humanism contradicts itself. What Christian Humanism is can be a lengthy study all by itself. I have decided here to keep it short by discussing Christianity and how a believer should react to their belief and how humanism causes believers and non-believers alike to turn their backs on God, Jesus Christ and the Written Word, and still believe they are Christians. This condition is so very prevalent today that almost any conversation with almost anyone calling themselves a Christian can get you called a, "Card carrying bigot, racist and a really religious fanatic." And this from my sweet cousin.

     Humanism is the uplifting of the personality of the individual cultivating talent, a life of dignity, self reliance, and creativeness. The extent of contradiction depends on how Christianity is defined. If Christianity is defined as the belief that Christ exist, then Christian humanism may possibly exist. However, in light of the teachings of the Bible, the Word of God, on lifestyles, obedience, and acknowledging the Gospel, being a Christian AND a humanist would be in direct conflict with each other and a person could not be both.

     In his book, Oration on the Dignity of Man, Pico della Miranda claims God has given man the "power to be reborn into higher forms, which are divine." Pico seems to be saying that man can enter heaven if he so desires and works toward this goal, independent of God's help, because God has given man the power to do so. Pico emphasizes the ability of man when he says this. This strays from the Biblical teachings and refutes that God's grace is necessary for salvation. This is one of the first and perhaps worst tenants of a Christian Humanist. "I am worthy" they will say, instead of, "I am NOT worthy, thank God for His saving Grace."

     This attitude, "I am worthy", which I believe is the very center of Christian Humanism is a slap towards God's face. It is yelling at Him, "I DON'T NEED YOU ! ! !" No man can enter heaven without the help of God. This goes far beyond believing in God, I know lots of "Lost Souls" who believe in God. It goes to the requirement of agreeing with God that you are deserving of hell, a sinner, then repenting your sins and asking to be saved by the shed blood of Christ. I know many Christian Humanist, but not one of them who have ever done this.

     Pico taught that a moderate life that included "investigation of all nature" along with an acknowledgment of God's existence was all that was required to reach Heaven. These beliefs are very much in line with the ideas of humanism as they esteem the ability of the individual. Of course, they are in complete conflict with those of Christianity. They may in some circles be called, "Works Salvation."  To live your salvation by Christian values, one is to live at one extreme of the virtues, not at the mean ( i.e. a person is not to live at the mean of pride and humility, but at the extreme of humility); pray to and worship God, NOT just believe in him; and follow a type of life that had Christ's life as the model. Again you see, humanism and Christianity conflict with each other.

     The term Christian humanism defines an idea that defines a contradiction. I believe Christian humanism is meant to describe a person who has humanistic traits and goals and uses them in defense of his belief in Jesus Christ. However, a humanist can never really live the type of life that Christianity calls for us to live. The ideals of Christianity and humanism conflict with each other. A humanist tries to do things that will lead to a life of dignity here on earth, while a Christian lives only for the next world. Because the two ideas are so different in meaning and attributes, I believe a Christian humanist cannot exist. Only if Christianity is limited in it's definition can it and humanism exist in harmony.

     Somebody, two people in fact, are mad at me because I recently told them they needed to be saved. I told them that because I love them and their families. I told both these families that I would pray for them. They both wrote back and demanded I NOT pray for them. One said, "I'm happy in my skin", and the other, "Don't worry about me and the kids, we are going to heaven, we are to nice not to." Clearly, these are both humanist. The one with the family just flat out believes she and her husband are heaven bound because their children are 'good fruit' and then she mis-quoted the scripture about it. More later about her.

     How about you? Are you a "BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN" or do you believe that God exist and you are a good person? If that's you, you need to be born-again, please go to my tract section to learn about salvation and/or contact me with your questions.

Ben Drake