Faith of a Child 
Kathy was five years old when her parents decided to send her to Christian summer camp. Unknown to her, they were having serious trouble in their marriage and decided they needed a couple of weeks alone to make final decisions. Unaware, Kathy went off to camp looking forward to all the things she had been told about. Swimming, camping, hiking and all those other kids. What fun. Also, while at camp Kathy was told about Jesus. In her wide eyed innocence she listened how he lived and died for her. She heard how all she had to do was believe that Jesus was the Son of God and then receive Him in her heart as her Lord and Saviour and she would live forever with Him in Heaven. During the last week of camp in a moment of obedience, she did just that and received Jesus in her heart. She felt “Happy all over”. At the end of camp she ran to her mother and excitedly told her of what she had done. Her mother seemed sad. It was later that day that she was told that daddy had packed up and left. He would not be home anymore. Kathy was sad and her mom was sad. Over the next few weeks Kathy was able to go to Sunday School. But she kept seeing her mom sad. Daddy would call and afterwards Kathy’s mom would cry. Kathy didn’t like seeing her mommy so sad. One day after Sunday School when she arrived home she saw that her mom had been sad again. She jumped up next to her and said, “I know how to make you happy mommy. I’ll tell you about Jesus.” At that she proceeded to tell her mom all about Jesus and as only a five year old can, she was full of excitement in her speech and her eyes sparkled. When she was finished her mother was crying and then prayed and asked Jesus into her life. She started going to Church with Kathy and was soon telling her husband what had happened to Kathy and herself. Kathy would get on the phone and tell him about Jesus. Soon he agreed to meet them at church and after a few weeks of attending he also received Jesus into his heart and life. Kathy now has her dad and mom all back living under one roof and the whole family plays and prays together. Kathy is 9 now and may not completely understand how her childlike faith indeed led to not only the salvation of her parents but the salvation of a fragile marriage. But if you let Kathy have a moment of your time, she will tell you how she loves Jesus. The above was broadcast in November 1994 to promote the Evangelizing of Americas children. It is the true events that led to the salvation of an entire family. In the spiritual and earthly sense, todays children don’t stand a chance without a personal relationship with Jesus. Please bring them to a Gospel preaching church and let them learn about Jesus.