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Jenny's Pearls

Little Lamb

Our America

  A great collection of Windows Wallpaper with SPIRIT
A great puzzle that you have to solve and send me the answer to
"That Place Between Wakefulness And Dreams"
A resume' worth considering!
A self-help test for Christians
theory is true!
Ya gotta see this!!!
Don't be afraid, stand up for Jesus!
A page of music to worship Jesus with
Think about this. . . . What ya think?
Bookmarks for you and your friends. Visit often, new ones are being added often
Footprints is offered for your enjoyment
View this great Mirage
Why do we have a Candy Cane and why is it important to Christians?
A little about the Faith of a Child
The Power of prayer
Jesus loves me. Hummels, these were sewn by my wife for me
A Picture. Ursula Drake, my help meet
The power of love. Praying hands, sewn by my loving wife for me