Dori Winters

"The last thing I would do is..." 

Last year, I wrote about "first", I wrote, "There has to be a first. Sometimes that first may be unwanted, or unexpected or uncertain. Sometimes it is sweet and filled with thoughts of being an undeserved reward for something someone else did. Our wonderful Saviour, Jesus Christ was the propitiation for sin and did it all for us. But because of that, Dori has become my first subscriber and being careful to keep it in perspective, I am thrilled. Thank you, Dori, and may you be the first of many. God bless you." 

Shortly after that issue ran, Dori called and we had diner together a few times. Her husband Roger and I have become friends. 

Dori had a way of getting under my skin (in a good way) almost immediately. She was alive, vibrant, fun and full of life. She loved Jesus and was willing to tell you so. 

Dori has been saved for many years, following the lead of her husband Roger into the service of Jesus Christ. Their faith was so strong that they gave up their jobs, home and possessions and headed to Colorado to serve with an Evangelist and remained strong when the news was given to them by their family doctor that Dori had cancer. 

Various treatments were futile, and in 1986 Dori was given less than a year to live. But the Lord intervened and Dori continued to live. Over the last 9 years Dori has been sick from time to time, but never down. She has suffered from emphysema and because of this she has prayed for many years for her brother to be delivered from his cigarette smoking. 

A few days ago Dori went into a coma. The doctor gave no hope and the family was called together. Then Dori woke up. 

For eight hours Dori was awake, alert, laughing and talking about Jesus. A new nurse was working the hospital floor that day and Dori spent time telling her about Jesus. Then, Dori went home to be with Jesus. 

Since Dori's passing, her brother has given his smoking to the Lord. Roger receives support from the Lord, his church and friends. And the new nurse mentioned how moved she is by Dori's concern for her in the last moments of her life. 

Dori, We know you are with Jesus. We know we will be with you someday. Until then, like you we want to say, "The last thing I would do is...tell someone about Jesus". You will be sorely missed dear sister.