Keith R. Simmons

"A Biblical Testimony of Salvation" 
          I was born on March 31, 1952. To Harold and Ida Simmons. I grew up in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. At first I was brought up in the Protestant Reformed Church . Later I went into the United Methodist Church. After that I drifted spiritually. Then in 1970 I made a profession of faith but there was one thing wrong, I had prayed a prayer but I had not received what the Lord Jesus Christ had done for me. 

In 1978, I married a wonderful lady named Marilyn Miller,who became Marilyn Simmons and for the last 19 years has been a great help to me. 

          For eighteen years after my false profession I was up and down, in and out spiritually. Then God intervened on January 24, 1988, the Lord through using a preacher named Edward Quakenbush, preached a sermon that openedmy eyes and my heart to my need of receiving what the Lord Jesus Christ did for me. That night I came forward and to an old-fashioned mourners bench and received what the Lord Jesus Christ did for me. The time was 7:30 pm. 

          Now , if I was to die, or should the rapture take place, I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that based on what Godís Holy Word says, according to Romans 10:9-13, and the promise of 1 John 5:11-13, I will go to Heaven to be with the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Because of His Precious Blood Keith R. Simmons