Patricia May Harvard

"In His Service, Always" 
I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I asked the Lord to come into my heart when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I was the only one in my family who attended church regularly. My sister went on Wednesdays for awhile. My parents did not attend at all, but they didnít seem to mind if we went. 

When I was about nine years old my dad started molesting me. He would do it from time to time until I was about 14, then he raped me and I blanked out and flew like an angel across the universe. I also quit going to church about that time. From what I understand now it is because my parents discouraged me by not going with me. 

I remember begging my mother to come to church with me. She would say she didnít have clothes good enough to wear to church but I told her that God didnít care if she came to church in a burlap sack. I didnít go to church again until I was about 26 or so, then I joined a cult church which was very subtle. I stayed at that church for approximately 15 years. When I found out that they didnít believe that Jesus was God I left right away, but I miss all the other members of the church that I had come to know. I still keep in touch with one in particular another member that left that church too. 

When I was younger I used to run away from home all the time. As I grew up, I began to run away from any bad or horrible situation. When I joined that church I was still running away, I didnít stop running away until I was 45 or so. But Godís mercy and grace were with me all the way. I did learn about Christ at that church and I retained what I had learned. This church truly put me into confusion but I asked God to put everything I didnít understand over my head. I went to many churches in the meantime after I left that church. 

I must have hitched across the country at least nine times, always to California. I also drove out there once when I had my car, and ended up hitching back. After I arrived home the last trip, I joined a local Christian church. I have been growing by leaps and bounds because this church is a Bible believing and teaching church. My faith grows stronger and it seems to me as I look back on my life that the Lord has been so gracious to me. It seems like He has leaned over backwards to prove Himself to me and I thank Him and praise His name always. 

Thank you for caring about my testimony, I hope and pray you will print it. Thank you very much. 

Patricia May Harvard 

In His Service Twenty-Four Hours-A-Day