Testimonies of Salvation

Pure Gospel at work
  A Selection of Conversion Stories From The Past 

Charles Spurgeon  "The Prince of Preachers"

"Amazing Grace"

Johnathan Edwards "American Theologian"

"Our Matchless Christ"

 A Selection of Conversion Stories From Our Friends


General C.C. Krulak,
"I would not be going to Heaven"

"Not a Prayer, but Repentance"

"In His Service, Always"

"Child of God by Faith"

"The last thing
I would do is...?

"Brother, Brother"

"Knows for sure"

"In His Time"

"With God's Help"

"I pray . . . 
God will be glorified"

"A Biblical Testimony"

"My Conversion from Islam to Christianity" 

"I Was In Prison"

"Brother-in-Christ - Brother-in-war"

"Now I know why..."

"If only I had known Christ sooner!"

Robert Hrebik
Tough Guys Need The LORD Too!

Erna Hrebik
From Insecurity To Eternal Assurance