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Many Viet Nam Vets have unresolved issues in their lives. Some of these are directly related to Viet Nam and others are not. This web site has been made available to help you. 

Additionally, I have just added an audio message that you can hear in "Real Audio" format by "clicking here". If you need the free "Real Audio" player, click here. 

This web site is for all Viet Nam Vets and not just Marines.

My name is Ben Drake. I am a Viet Nam vet. I have been a Christian for a few years and my healing did not start until that event. The purpose of this web site for Viet Nam veterans is to show you how you too can heal. I am a Christian, I will talk about Jesus. I can and will help with the spiritual needs of all Viet Nam vets. I will answer your questions and provide information here geared for Viet Nam vets.

I truly look forward to serving you in anyway the Lord leads.

God bless you all, Ben

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