How do you become involved?
How do you get involved? Please look over the areas listed on my home page. Ask yourself, what do I have to offer, that may help someone find the promised salvation? 

The answer may be; your conversion story; a recent testimony of His grace; tracts that can be used on-line without infringing on copyright. You may have a life verse that was chosen because it describes you since salvation, before salvation, or caused you to seek salvation. You may have received special insight during a sermon that you believe could help someone "Look to the Lord". (See Charles Spurgeon's testimony). You may have pictures of the men and women from my historical testimonies that you will share, or additional public-domain testimonies. And definitely submit your testimony

Keep in mind that the responsibility of all born-again, blood bought Christians is to preach the Gospel to every creature. I do not mean this as to say we are to all be preachers, that clearly is not the case. But to relay information to the lost, that they may be saved should be paramount in our conditioning, and desires. 

To that end, I offer you this place to present that information. I ask and require your corrections to what I have posted, your suggestions for new areas, and your help in everything I do. Above all else, I ask your prayers that God will use this small offering to enlighten those of His choosing.