About Donations

God has always provided for His work and we know he will continue to do so. Many people have asked about making donations to "Christian Friends" to keep this mission field operating so we thought we would make that information available. Please send donation(s) if you feel led by the Lord to do so. Because my ministry is so small, donations to "Christian Friends" are not NOT tax deductible. You may send them to:

                    Christian Friends

Please make checks payable to Ben Drake. Online donation button below. The button below may be used for your credit or debit card donations.

All donations will be used to pay monthly ministry expenses such as internet connection, updated software, equipment repair, etc. All funding goes 100% to the ministry. I do not drink, or smoke so none of your money will ever go to that.

I appreciate your consideration to help me maintain this mission field for so many to use. The Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ has gone out through it and souls have been saved.

God bless you, Ben